6 secrets to benefit as much as possible of the services of a cleaner!

Femme-de-ménage-MénageSimpleIs it really worth using a cleaner? Who among us has never found himself drowning in a pile of dirty laundry, looking dismally at the sink full of dishes from the previous day (or even week) in a house where the floor is almost invisible because there is mess scattered over every room?  If this has already happened to you, here are 6 more secrets on why you should certainly take advantage of MénageSimple’s Housekeeping service to find a cleaner who has been proved competent and who will take total care of your well-being without you having to worry about any legal, organizational or practical details:

Give us plenty of instructions!

Secret number 1: Include specific instructions: Each person or family has their own needs and our cleaners are there to meet them. Whether you prefer to have the floor cleaned, ironing done, windows cleaned or the fridge cleaned, just mention it in the space dedicated to your comments and instructions, and  MénageSimple will meet your expectations.

It is really up to you to decide which are the mandatory tasks and which are the optional ones to be taken care of if the cleaner has a few minutes left before the end of your shift. What does this guarantee you? You will benefit from a guarantee of trust because the cleaner will be kept informed of your requests and will be happy to do the cleaning as specified in your instructions.

Try a recurring service

   Secret number 2: Choose a recurring service: booking a cleaning service from time to time, when we need it, is an excellent option to try out a new service and to evaluate cleaners. The really beneficial aspects of a household service are more obvious when choosing a recurring service.

Regular cleaning will improve your life and you can be sure you will always go home to a clean, welcoming and warm place. In addition, to help you with your budget, MénageSimple offers you a discount on each recurring service, as well as the option to modify or cancel your request at any time, as long as you give 48 hours notice.

Finding a cleaner for a one-off can be relatively easy, but ensuring a regular service can be awkward. Don’t worry, the problem will never arise with MénageSimple, because we take care of organizing the recurring services of a cleaner at your convenience. Why is this useful? The secret is still in the guarantee… The guarantee of having an impeccable apartment at all times, the pleasure of returning home and finding a warm and welcoming place without having to worry every week about searching, planning, booking, confirming, checking and so on.

Our cleaning company has thought of everything, just send us a request based on your hourly needs, and rest assured that the service will be provided without you having to worry about it. And  MénageSimple means unlimited guarantees. In fact, if you book a cleaner today, you can also book a recurring cleaning service, rostered for you every week or even every month, or even every Tuesday at 10am for example if you have specific preferences. In addition, you will benefit from a special discount as well as the flexibility to cancel, suspend or modify your service if necessary. Life is full of hazards and surprises, we are well aware of that.

Receive excellent cleaning products

Secret number 3: Book a service that brings its own cleaning products: Isn’t it great to think that when you book a service at MénageSimple, not only do you make sure you go home to an apartment which has had a visit from your Fairy Godmother,  but above all you don’t have to worry about having to buy all the necessary equipment for the cleaning to be done?

We offer you both a time guarantee, as we remove all responsibility for the supply and worrying about the list of cleaning products, as well as a savings guarantee since the MénageSimple service fully covers the expenses, all included in your invoice. And that’s not all, we offer you two additional assurances: time optimization for your cleaner who doesn’t waste a second looking for all the products, reading the labels to learn how to use them or possibly running out of items. Their time spent at your home is valuable and you want it to be spent only on cleaning your home. Moreover and best of all, you benefit from the quality guarantee that comes first for us. For each of your requests, our cleaners will have the appropriate products available on site. Isn’t that clever?

Have your cleaning done while you are out of the house.

Secret number 4: Finding a fixed time slot for cleaning: The trust guarantee also increases if you decide to leave the keys in a secret place so that the cleaner has independent access without you having to be present.

You can also give a copy of the keys to the cleaner. Because you see, when the same person performs a service, she gets used to the features of your apartment, and also your needs, which implies an optimized result. We call this the loyalty guarantee and we hold to it as much as possible.

Give yourself an extra 30 minutes

Secret number 5: Set aside 30 minutes more than strictly necessary if your budget allows for it: This secret may seem mysterious to you, but let us explain. Our cleaners are well trained and have a perfectionist’s attention to detail.

For any recurring service, our cleaner will guarantee (wink) a perfectly clean house including every nook and cranny. Depending on the requirements, the cleaner will either schedule or partially clean items that do not require a full recurring clean.  For example, it is possible that she will clean two to three windows at each visit, so that after a certain time, all the windows will be perfectly cleaned. We can extend the service to ironing, cleaning the interiors of cupboards, cleaning the oven or fridge and the list goes on.

Only employ a legal cleaner

Secret number 6: Booking a legal cleaner: saving a few francs is not worth the risks associated with undeclared work, and since 2017 checks have become more and more frequent.

But when you want help with your household, you do so because you don’t have time! What could be more annoying than dealing with social security paperwork? Booking a house clean with MénageSimple also means you have the assurance (the term is different but the aim remains the same) that you are booking a perfectly legal service that meets the conditions for recruiting a cleaner in Switzerland.

In fact, your cleaner has all her employment paperwork as well as a liability insurance which covers any damage, which is rare but always possible.  Whether you are looking for a cleaner in Lausanne, house cleaning in Geneva or house cleaning in Neuchâtel, we have excellent cleaners selected, trained and registered throughout French-speaking Switzerland. If you are still wondering whether it is worth using our cleaning company even after we’ve told you our 6 secrets, do not hesitate to contact us on 022 518 90 99 to see if our service can really meet your expectations. Let’s face it, cleaning is not our favourite activity, and what better way to do it than to delegate that task to a highly competent cleaning company? This also gives you more time to focus on relaxing activities and the people you love. You’ll even have time to get bored. Surfing Facebook or watching Netflix will no longer be an optional activity. Because in any event, once you have found your trusted cleaner with MénageSimple, you will have more time for what is really important to you.

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