3 Advices To Make Memorable Christmas Gifts

Left-Right Game shutterstock_334282148[FR, cliquez ici] Like every year, Christmas is coming quickly: the last minute stress catches up on crowds that fill up roads and shopping malls, warmly decorated for the occasion.

With so much choice and so little ideas, how can we survive in the jungle of Christmas gifts? Here are 3 practical tips, plus a great gift idea at the end of the article, to help you make the best choice!

  • Practical Prevails

All experts agree that the most successful gifts are generally the practical ones. Giving something that can be beneficial for everyday life is not always easy, but you’ll be guaranteed that the receiver of your gift will think about you more often!

  • Offer Original

The biggest fear when buying a Christmas gift? To offer something that the other person already has! It happened to everyone…. funny and cringy,tearing up some gift wrapping  that unveils something that we already have made great actors out of us 😆 Sure, what matters is the thought… but an original gift will have much more chances to be appreciated.

  • Give with your heart

Whatever we might say, the best advice is always to make a gift with your heart. It’s true, the stress of being obliged to offer something does not help… But the relationship you have with the person that will receive your gift is unique, and belongs only to the two of you. No one knows as well as you the secrets behind what ties you up so preciously. Often, when we invest time in relationships, we sacrifice moments that we would otherwise dedicate to other things, or to ourselves. And finally, when we start to enjoy the idea of some well deserved rest, all the mess that piled up in the house reminds you of other boring tasks…

  • Gift Idea!

That’s also why we think that a MénageSimple’s gift card is the ideal solution to thank your close ones for Christmas! A MénageSimple’s gift card allows it’s owner to book all the services available in our platform, and to enjoy the delightful gift of a beautifully cleaned home (with ecological products!). MénageSimple’s gift cards are:

  • Practical: for your friend that needs a new cleaning lady, for this couple that just moved in together, or again for this special someone that dedicated you his time… Nothing is more practical than gifting the chance to enjoy a clean home without any effort!
  • Original: if your close one already received a MénageSimple’s gift card, he can always add them up! But let’s be real… chances of this happening are very low: it is a very original idea!
  • Made with your heart: offering a MénageSimple’s gift card shows how attentive and touched you are by the needs of your closed ones.

Our gift cards are refundable, never expire, and have no overhead costs. Click below to get yours now!


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